sâmbătă, 27 februarie 2010

About nothing

I've been thinking that I should write again after taking many years off from writing. The tough part is to find something to write about. Why? I don't know, lack of inspiration maybe, the need to find a stimulant, a muse, a motivator, a warm day with sunshine perhaps. I think I perform better when it's warm and sunny, which brings up the question of why I left LA. But that's a different story.

Thinking about all this, I came to the sudden realization that it's not the story that matters, but how you tell it. It makes sense if you consider Seinfeld and Larry David, who have done enormously successful TV shows about nothing. Delivery was everything, however. It's much along the lines of it's not the destination that matters, because important is the journey. Think about it, if you get to the final destination, how the heck are you going to write about it anyway. It's all about "Footprints", how you store them, how you describe them, how you share them, and what you learn from it all.

Today is Saturday. It's cold, rainy, ugly. Staying awake is a challenge, so I want to write about what you do on a day like this... nothing! So when you feel like this you go in search of something to pick you up, not necessarily to inspire, but rather to decrease lethargy... think of it as a psychological Red Bull. One by one I go thorough a French comedy, an English soccer match, Gone in 60 Seconds final chase scene, Robert Downey Jr singing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You," not all necessarily back to back... all taken in with an all natural Cuban enhancer called Montecristo No. 2 and a chaser originated in South America, sold at Starbucks, that is ground and pressed in to a foamy black liquid by a machine in my kitchen. It's all good!

Now that I'm back to writing again, I'll return to continue my thoughts on a less gloomy day... if there's going to be one soon. If not, I'll bring out the natural mood enhancers. Fight on!

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